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Logo Vizor Interactive

Vizor Interactive is the leading developer and publisher of multi-user browser and social network games in Belarus.

In Vizor Interactive, we’re using our own Flash game engine “Isomech-engine”. And we’re proud to provide a 100% support of all our projects: from the stage of idea to the stage of publishing banner ads on Korean websites.

Our good old projects «Neverlands» and «U.N.I.T.» still keep their heads above the water and have been respected for over 10 years by now.

The first social title of Vizor Interective, Zombie Farm, was released in December 2010. The project got the ‘Best game of 2011’ title from Games@mail.ru and was recognized as the best game at Flash GAMM Moscow 2011. Today, more than 35 million people play “Zombie Farm”.

Last year, Klondike won the “Best Game (company category)” title at Flash GAMM Kyiv 2012 and was recognized as the best social network game at KRI 2013.

Today, we’d like to present to you our new project “Loyalty: Knights and Princesses”. It is a social network game, down to the core, with a brand new inter-player interaction. You’ve never seen anything like that. Believe us or check it out yourself.
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Logo AlternativaPlatform

AlternativaPlatform is a Russian company which remains at the forefront of Flash development for over a decade. Its flagship project – MMO-shooter “Tanki Online” – has become one of the main browser games in Russia and Former Soviet Republics. For now, there are 35 million registered users from dozens of countries, including Russia, Germany, China and the United States.
AlternativaPlatform uses proprietary technologies in its own and partnership projects: AlternativaCore server platform, AlternativaPhysics physics engine, AlternativaGUI interface library and Alternativa3D graphics Flash-engine.

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Logo Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom from the very start positioned itself as the world leading producer of graphics tablets and inventor of a new data input device – pressure-sensitive stylus.

The company’s mission is to establish a new level of harmonious interaction between humans and computers. The company successfully implements its basic tasks by finding new solutions that simplify and improve people’s work, enable multi-purpose use of digital technologies by any user.

Historically, pen and brush were the most widely-spread and traditional tools used to transfer information and maintain interaction between people. That’s why, invention of stylus was a totally natural thing for the age of computers. Wacom was the first company to design a graphic input stylus. Nowadays, the area of Wacom’s activities has increased greatly. Achievements made by the company, especially those in the field of digital graphics, suggest it is still innovative and loyal to the chosen mission.

All up-to-date Wacom products are made on the basis of a patented electromagnetic technology applied for wireless, not battery-powered input devices, opening new functionality prospects for both amateurs and professionals.

The name of Wacom contains two notions: “wa” being a Japanese word for “harmony”, and a “com” – computer. These two notions express the main Wacorn’s philosophy, whose general idea lies in making advanced technologies serve a better understanding and interaction between people, as based on harmonious interaction between humans and computers. Wacom products are designed to develop creative freedom and user opportunities (for example, while working with images or texts) through the use of a diverse digital toolset, and to finally improve the understanding and information exchange between people.

“Novella” is a company acting as Wacom’s official and exclusive distributor in the territory of Ukraine.
Wacom’s website in Ukraine – www.wacom.kiev.ua.

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Logo Mail.ru

Mail.Ru Group (LSE:MAIL, listed since November 5, 2010) is a leading Internet company in the high-growth Russian-speaking Internet markets (Russia is Europe’s largest Internet market measured by number of users, comScore). Mail.Ru Group’s sites reach approximately 90% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis (TNS, September 2013) and the Company is in the TOP-6 largest Internet business, based on the number of total pages viewed (comScore, September 2013).

In line with the Communitainment (Communications + Entertainment) strategy the Company is moving rapidly to build an integrated communication and entertainment platform. The Company operates two of the three largest Russian language online social networking sites (Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir (or “My World”)). The Company also operates the two largest Instant Messaging networks in Russia (Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ), Russia’s leading email service and Russia’s largest Internet portal Mail.ru, and the Company operates Russia’s largest online games platform.

The Company holds minority equity stakes in VKontakte (39.99%) and Qiwi (10.4%). The Company also holds a number of small venture capital investments in various Internet companies in Russia and Ukraine.

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Logo IgrAlliance

Renatus Media, LLC is a leading company-publisher dealing with mobile and social, casual and mid-core games. Now the company’s portfolio consists of more than 30 games and 10 game development studios in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Renatus Media, LLC was founded in 2012. In less than 12 months it gained 10 million active monthly users worldwide and became a leading publisher. The company’s most popular games include Slots Journey, Slotoquest, I Need a Hero, Bubble Origins, Bubble Chronicles, Bubble Journey, Bubble Pirate Quest and other apps.

Renatus is open for cooperation with game developers of all sizes, from established studios to those only making first steps in setting up their business. Being good at game marketing, analytics, monetization and promotion, Renatus is skilled enough to put your game on the straight road to success.

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Logo IgrAlliance

IgrAlliance is a laboratory for invention of new types of games.

It’s the alliance of experimenters who live in search and realization of new and innovative ideas.

We consider that the market is tired of clones and it’s time for new gameplays according to new devices. Touch-interfaces, 3D, geolocation, augmented reality, games with new interaction modes – we are interested in checking and trying the latest facilities.

In our work we use an unique process, which insures decrease of risks. The main feature of this process is in data-flow generation of ideas and in repeated sifting during different stages.

The most important stage in game’s development, as we consider, is a game prototyping. Having made a prototype we understand weather the idea was successful or not. This allows us to get first feedback about the game’s key features before its production. We choose the most interesting ideas by testing prototypes and voting, and at last demonstrate them to experts and publishers.

igrAlliance is included in Flexis International Group of Companies, which also includes iDecide (manager’s tablet workplace), InspiRational (elaborating of analytical on-line systems with fine interfaces), Flexis Science (modeling and prediction of social-economic processes). Flexis is a key partner of Adobe in CIS, sponsor of RAFPUG и RADUG.
Flexis – ключевой партер Adobe в СНГ, организатор RAFPUG и RADUG.

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Logo G5 Entertainment

What makes G5 a top publisher of free-to-play and casual games?

  • Every week we publish a new game app on all the major smartphone and tablet app stores.
  • In first half of 2013 G5 Games were successfully launched on Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.
  • G5 game apps have been downloaded over 100 million times on mobile devices and counting.
  • In comparison to other casual games publishers, we achieve higher sales results per title across all mobile platforms.
  • Thanks to our outstanding cross-promotion, your game won’t get lost among other iOS and Android apps. Games released with G5 generate stable monthly revenue for a few years.

How do we add value to your game?

  • We’ll help you develop a polished product by sharing our best practices and assigning an experienced and dedicated producer to your project.
  • You get to focus on development, while we take care of marketing and traffic acquisition for your games all over the world.
  • Broader reach means bigger revenue. We will localize and market your games in at least 11 languages.
  • Need expertise in balancing and monetization of your great upcoming f2p game? We know how to help you!

Contact Tatiana Timoshenko or Julia Palatovska at developers@g5e.com to learn more!

Contact licensing.team@g5e.com to set up a meeting with G5 team and we will be glad to discuss publishing of your games on mobile platforms.
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Logo Rocket Jump

RJ Games is the team of professional game developers, who are aim to create modern projects powered with innovative ideas, technology and creativity.
We put maximum effort in every project and achieve our goals where others are unable to reach them.
Would you like to know more? Contact us. Everybody Rocket Jump now!

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Logo Spil Games

Spil Games misson is to unite the world in play through a localized global network of online social-gaming platforms tailored to girls, teens and families. These platforms, the most important of which are GirlsgoGames (for girls between 8-12) and A10 (for teens 12-17), are localized in 15 languages, and entertain more than 180 million active users from around the world each month. These platforms host popular casual and social games that encourage players to connect and challenge themselves and each other while sharing their creativity. Additionally, Spil Games is present on mobile devices through browser-based and native application versions of the company’s targeted social-gaming platforms. For more information, please visit www.spilgames.com.

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Logo Playscape

Founded in 2008, PlayScape – formerly MoMinis – is a game publisher that provides game developers with simplified end-to-end mobile gaming solutions, from development to distribution. PlayScape encompasses a network of 40 million participating game players in its network, and is a privately held company funded by BRM Group, Gemini Israel Ventures and Mitsui Ventures. For more information, visit www.playscape.com.

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Logo iLogos

iLogos is a leading independent game development company in Europe, providing affordable first-class game production services since 2006, primarily for social, browser, mobile and cross-platform games. It has successfully completed more than 300 projects totalling around 200 million installs, 50 million MAU and 10 million DAU. With its over 250 staff iLogos covers all major areas of game productions, such as art creation and graphic design (2D and 3D), programming, ongoing development, game design, project management, QA and additional services like games porting. iLogos worked on game productions for well-known game companies such as Peak Games, Playdom, Disney Interactive, Wargaming, National Geographic, 6waves, Upjers, FreshPlanet, Youdagames. Please visit www.iLogos-ua.com for more information.

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Logo MyPlayCity

MyPlayCity Inc., was founded in 2006 and became one of the world biggest publishers of free casual games. We have a wide experience in successful publishing of PC games, now we also work with mobile games for iOS and Android

We offer you beneficial cooperation in the following areas:

  • Publishing of your games on iOS and Android
  • License purchasing of HTML 5 games
  • Monetization of downloadable PC games
  • License purchasing of premium Android games for our own Android Store
  • Your website traffic monetization by the use of free casual games
  • White-label browser solutions for your business

A few numbers: 4 000 000+ daily visitors of our portals, 200 000+ game downloads daily, 1000+ games available on our portals.

We work with GameHouse, Playrix, Alawar, iWin, Nevosoft, Awem, Artogon and more than 100 other game developers.

Do you have a game? We have attractive offers for you. Set up a meeting with us!

Sites: www.myplaycity.com, www.myplaycity.ru

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Logo Picaboum

Picaboum is an international publisher of social and mobile games on biggest platforms partnering with developers all over the world to bring the best games to our users through our gaming network. We distribute games through Facebook, App Store, Google Play, Amazon AppStore… Our team has an international perspective and successful partnerships around the world.
Picaboum portfolio includes famous casual games like Loly Soap®, Monsteurs®, Anges ou démons®and Confettis 2.
From game design, art conception, programming, IT and localization to product launch with worldwide marketing campaigns and community management, Picaboum can handle the entire game lifecycle. Our team includes experts with various experiences from biggest gaming companies from social to mobile.

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Playtestix is the first company in the CIS, that specializes in games and applications playtest.

Playtest is the instrument for evaluating games and applications by target audience representatives, who have no relation to mobile products development or marketing. Very that people, who’s opinion really defines applicaion success.

Playtest is an integrated part of modern development process, allows to evaluate prducts beginning from the earliest stages – screenshots, prototypes, and at each development stage long time before the release date and after it.

Thanks to such feedback system is possible to reduce project longness, and so its cost. Meanwhile quality of game or application soar up meaningfully, popular product comes to market.

Playtestix team consists of professionals with extensive experience in marketing research, development and marketing of mobile games and applications.

Such companies as Zeptolab, FDG Entertainment, 101XP, Room 8, Litres, Creative Mobile, Wyse Games, 2RealLife and others have already became Playtestix clients.

Games and applications, created with aclive Playtestix participation during development process are successful and popular, pick up awards and positive user feedbacks.

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Logo Room8

Room 8 Studio is a Ukrainian game development studio invested by Vostok Ventures. Our company is constantly growing and developing. The studio’s team includes over fifty workers and has 5 projects under development. In Room 8, we make games for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

We have a feeling that our first game Cyto, released on February 21 this year, is the main success of our studio, and we love it! The game got a world-wide recognition from players in many countries with a longed-for Featuring from Apple to crown it all. Another pride of ours is Riot Runners that received the “Best game in show – Audience Award” title and took Indie Prize at the international conference Casual Connect, held in October 2013.

We are now focused on working on other projects and have faith that they will fit the tastes of a great number of users. Our mission is to make quality games worthy of recognition both in Ukraine, and in entire world.

Join the team of professionals and make cool games with us!

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Logo Room8

KamaGames is an international developer and publisher of games for mobile platforms. The company possesses wide experience of successful game production. The flagman game of the company – the Pokerist Texas Poker – has been featured in top positions in Grossing charts on the AppStore and Google Play for the past two years. The audience of KamaGames on mobile platforms reaches 47 million users worldwide.

KamaGames offers publishing program to developers. Expertise and experience of KamaGames allows it to understand the current needs of developers and empowers them assists in improving their product.

KamaGames located its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and established presence in the USA and Asia. Our current projects include working with best teams of developers from Russia, USA and India. Индии.

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mimimigames.ru is a listless team of friendly professionals which has been involed into a number of successful and usuccessful game and non-game projects, and is now focused on making bright and quick social mobile games. “Work hard & fuck them all” is the motto that help us keep the production on the highest level. Only mimimi, only hardcore!

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Logo Alconost

Alconost offers a number of services for game developers and publishers:

  • Localization of games and websites, translation by native speakers, copywriting;
  • Localization of game audio, video dubbing, voiceovers;
  • Music and sound effects for games and videos;
  • Creation of kick-ass videos: trailers, intros, outros and cut-scenes;
  • Alconost Nitro live translation service (almost like Google Translate, but translations are made by native-speaking professional translators);
  • Creation of references, help files, manuals, guides;
  • Management of multi-language campaigns in major ad networks.

We help developers and game publishers become successful both on global and regional markets.

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Logo Nevosoft

Nevosoft is a leading casual game publisher and developer. Since it was founded in 2002, Nevosoft has become well known for hit games like LandGrabbers, My Kingdom for the Princess I, II,& III, Mushroom Age, Mysteryville I & II, and Supercow. A number of the company’s projects have won prestigious awards from players and professionals alike. The company’s game catalog contains titles for various platforms including iOS, Android, WP, Windows and Mac, as well as cross platform online social games. Request a meeting if you want to know how to increase your revenue from the Russian market!

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Logo Gate2Shop

Gate2Shop provides optimized cross-platform checkout solutions for games, software and digital services developers and publishers. With payment options that maximize conversion, robust risk management solutions that minimize fraud, and a diverse set of professional services, Gate2Shop provides comprehensive packages that meet every vendor’s needs.

• Personalized checkout options

• More than 85 local, international and alternative payment options leading to a larger customer base

• In-game inApp payments– players stay in the game while purchasing, leading to higher conversion

• One-click Payments for more incoming sales

• Multicurrency support for higher conversion

• Gaming fraud prevention package for more sales, less reversals

For more information, please visit www.g2s.com
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Logo Fortumo

Founded in 2007 and with offices in Europe and Silicon Valley, Fortumo is an open mobile payment platform, currently operating in 70+ countries worldwide. Fortumo allows virtual goods providers, social networks, app developers, online and offline businesses to better monetize their users. With Fortumo, everyone can launch revenue-generating mobile payment service instantly and without any startup or monthly costs.

Fortumo solutions cover all main platforms including Android, Java, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Flash and HTML5.

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Logo Aratog

ARATOG LLC is professional Games Development Company based in Odessa, Ukraine.
We specialize in creating all genres of games including MMO, puzzle, arcade, social, action, adventure, RPG, etc. Apart from creating the games under our own brand we have developed many of PC/iOS/Android 2D and 3D games for our clients.

We develop for Web, iOS and Android platforms, using Unity 3D, C#, JAVA, PHP technologies.

At the moment we are working on own huge MMO 3D game «Astro Lords: Oort Cloud» for three platforms: PC/Web, iOS and Android, built on distributing server technologies with Cloud support and Mongo DB, client on Unity 3D engine. Also, we have been developing in parallel casual games for iOS and Android, like Hungry Mouth, Crazy Sapper, Navy Fight, Diver Quest and Rage Farmer.

We provide services:

  • 3D Art: Modelling, Texturing & Animation
  • 2D Art: Concept Art, UI and Illustration
  • Full Cycle: Game Design & Game Development

Looking for publishers and funding for our games.

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Logo 6waves

6waves is a leading publisher of independent games on social networks, partnering with developers all over the world to bring the best games to our millions of users on our gaming network. From our original roots in Facebook, we now have expanded into Yahoo! Mobage in Japan, Tencent in China, and cross-platform games on iOS and Android. With presence in Hong Kong, United States, Russia, China and Japan, our team has a unique international perspective and has forged successful partnerships with developers from across the globe. Our investors include Insight Venture Partners and Nexon Co. Ltd.

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Logo Strategic Music

Strategic Music is a leading company specialized in crafting audio for video games. For all music, sound design and voice-overs needs, the experienced team at Strategic Music can give you just what you are looking for. A talented, awarding-winner crew of composers and sound designers work together to make the best music and sound design to compliment all genres of games. Strategic Music’s voice-over department employs talents from around the world to get those exact, perfect voices you need to provide rich characters for your games.

Strategic Music’s atmospheres are featured in some of the most exciting games on the market including: Cut the Rope, Doodle God, Blosics, Kick the Buddy, The Tiny Bang Story, Expand it!, Snail Bob, Cover Orange, Amazing Breaker, Emaki, Doodle Devil, and many others.

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Logo Clickky

Clickky is full-service global advertising platform, that is focused on mobile and web performance based campaigns. The company operates on global Internet advertising market since 2010, with offices in London, Moscow and Odessa.

Clickky provides wide range of effective monetization and user acquisition solutions for developers.

Our benefits:

  • Widest range of monetiation tools – offerwall with custom templates, banner ads, fullscreen ads, interstitials, etc.
  • Complete visibility and control – you may choose particular advertisers to show in your app
  • No SDK required

Our team always does its’ best to provide our clients with the world-class service and experience and help them to achieve highest results.

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Logo MLSDev

MLSDev is an IT outsourcing company that deals with mobile and web apps development. We are focused on development of complex high-quality applications that generate profit to our clients. We are proud of our cooperation with such companies as ESPN, Panasonic, TownWizard
and are looking for new long-term partnership.
Here at MLSDev we have a game studio where we create single and multiplayer games of various genres. For games development we use either native programming languages or crossplatform engines. Our team is skilled in:

  • Unity 3D;
  • Corona SDK;

In case of cooperation with us, we will assemble a dedicated team intended for your particular project. Your team will consist of developers, designers and producers, whose main goal is to
deliver a top-notch programming product for you. Our job is to make an app that won’t get dusty in the app store, but becomes popular and profitable.

For more information please visit mlsdev.com or contact our sales department at sales@mlsdev.com.
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Logo Marmalade

The Marmalade cross-platform SDK is leveraged by industry leaders with chart-smashing games from Plants vs Zombies and Draw Something, to high-performance titles like Call of Duty, Need for Speed and Pro Evolution Soccer. Using the Marmalade SDK, these game developers can reach new platforms and manage simultaneous cross-platform updates.

Marmalade SDK allows a single codebase to be deployed to multiple operating systems in a few clicks, saving time and money while maximising potential audiences across a wide range of platforms.

Marmalade’s flexible approach to development gives creators the chance to focus on user experience rather than device compatibility. Working in native (C++, Objective-C), RAD (Lua) or hybrid (HTML5) code, Marmalade allows rapid deployment and testing on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Tizen, Windows and Mac desktop PCs, as well as selected Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

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Logo Clickky

CCSoft was established in 2003. Since then, the company has formed a trustworthy team of professionals, who never get bored with playing games and know well how to create them. We invent ideas of both social and mobile games, and enjoy making them real.

The main technologies, that CCSoft has expertise in, include: PHP, Java, Unity 3D, Flash/flex/Air, iOS and Android OS, graphic (artistic) design, 2D and 3D animation, illustrations, etc.

Working with partners and development of customer-ordered games is only a part of what the company is engaged in. CCSoft is also focused on creation and development of its own projects that further get released under its own trademark. Today, the company could be proud of a series of projects, that were developed from scratch and reached good traffic and profit figures.

Apart from that, our company is an expert in creation of business and entertainment applications (both web and mobile ones). They are: thematic social and dating portals, custom eCommerce platforms, eLearning apps, custom business apps, etc.

Currently, our company is ready to various forms ofcooperation with game developers and game publishers.

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Logo Xenao Games

Xenao Games is a bootstrap start-up which develops and publishes its own social games. Our company motto is “making games which people need”.

Our aim is making games a service and a new means of communication between millions of users. Innovations, Flash platform, 3D graphics, top quality, exciting gameplay and perfect technical support always stand first in our games development.

The key factors of our work include permanent contact with our audience, getting feedback and using lean and customer development.

We are interested in establishing mutually beneficial, and are always looking for talented specialists who dream to create original and called-for games.

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Logo TrueToken

TrueToken. For over 8 strenuous years in game development we have gained great experience and gathered a team of high-class professionals.

The company provides a whide range of services in the sphere of game development – HTML5, Flash, social and browser games.

TrueToken recently focused on creating highly productive browser HTML5 games for mobile platforms as a universal market solution, and about 100 titles have been released.

Our partners are the world leaders in game licensing, popular portals and brands.

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Logo Smokoko

SMOKOKO S.A. was founded in 2010. We are a very ambitious and willing company who works for fun. We believe that our games can make people happier.

We specialize in flash online games, cross-platform mobile games\educational apps and website development. We have done great deal of successful worldwide projects. We always do all our best to make our projects of the best quality and eye-catching. Play our games, leave a comment and have fun!

Flash game development. Our racing games are one of the best worldwide.

We work with the biggest flash game portals such as agame.com, armorgames.com, gamezhero.com, jeddabikers.com, kaisergames.com, kizi.com, myrealgames.com, notdoppler.com, yepi.com etc.

Apps development for mobile devices. We are porting our games for mobile and tablets devices which work on iOS & Android. Also, we have launched a new brand – PPPbooks (P-preschool P-paints P-puzzle Books) in 2012 which specialize in the development applications for preparing kids and parents for school.

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Logo Funtomic

Funtomic provides world-leading gaming experiences across mobile and web platforms.

Funtomic focuses on:

  • Running successful web gaming portals, including Kizi, one of the most popular gaming sites with over 20 million monthly gamers.
  • Partnering with quality studios, to develop high-end casual games for mobile and web.
  • Publishing mobile and web games including dedicated game development support, usability testing, QA, funding, marketing and post-release support for mobile and flash Developers.

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Logo Hooligans Lab

A new format of the Hooligans Entertainment company.

The basic principle is no dogmas and axioms! No pathos and useless talks. We value freedom of thought and have our own perception of the world. We are “hooligans” on the very best sense of the word.

The new team consists of only like-minded people. Everybody has a solid amount of independence in his work. No compulsion or routine “I need to work” principles. Now we have over 20 team members.
All projects are developed with our own engine Storm X 1.0.3 – “storm in the cup”, tailored by our programmers by the sweat of their brow. The new refined engine Storm X – “storm in the bucket” is under development.

Outstanding features of the engine:
1. Cross-platform functionality (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).
2 . Secure data encryption.
3 . High-performance rendering with a variety of shader effects.
4 . Simple and intuitive interface.
5 . Convenient texture resources.
6. Streaming playback of audio and video.
7. Built-in particle editor.

The company creates games of completely different genres. We experiment a lot, then improve, innovate and experiment again. Several big new projects are under development now. INFO: www.hooliganslab.com

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Logo Absolutist

Absolutist Ltd is a creative and experienced team of industry professionals backed with 13 years of success in the casual games market. Our company is a developer and publisher with significant expertise in producing and marketing casual games of different genres and platforms – from online multiplayer games to desktop and mobile apps.

Nowadays the company focuses on of mobile development (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WinPhone 8 and Tizen) and PC projects (Windows, Mac) production using its own cross-platform game engine and framework. Absolutist’s portfolio features dozens of titles published through its game network and in partnership with the major game portals and social networks.

Along with Absolutist, many game studios use its AppSalute Game Creator, a visual development framework which enables multiplatform development and speeds up production – from game concept to release.

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Logo ZeoInsight

ZeoInsight soaked up years of experience and experiments in the field of analytical applications and development. Our team consists of high-end specialists that constantly improve approaches of processing information. As a result we came up with a service that helps to measure and trace any user activity inside your application. Our mission is to help you understand your clients behaviour inside your product and as a result crucially improve your convertion ranks and sales.

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Bronze Sponsors

Logo PreApps

PreApps.com is your preview into the world of mobile apps and the exclusive place to preview, rate and share mobile apps coming out soon.

It’s free to post your app so get the buzz going by posting your latest project on PreApps and generate pre-release buzz, build brand recognition, receive pre-opted user downloads, and learn tips and tricks to app submission.

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Logo Stark Studio

Stark Studio is engaged in development of browser and social multiplayer games since 2005. The company manages a complete game development life-cycle, which includes concept creation, provision of technical resources, development of client and server part, art materials supply, producing, publishing, promotion, support, analytics, etc.

Main projects of the company: Grani Realnosti, Yelochka, Candy.

Would you like to know more about us? You are welcome!

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Logo Tatrick

Tactrick Mobile Solutions is specialized in mobile technologies. The company has combined three activities under a single brand: mobile advertising (CPI/CPA), mobile app publishing and holding of developer contests.

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