Blitz-sessions section

Blitz-sessions section – is maximum information given in minimum time. 8-10 five-minute sessions during 1 hour.


  • Each speaker has 5 minutes to cover the topic.
  • The session may be finished earlier but not later. A signal will be given when the time is over.
  • Each speaker has to present at least one slide with his name, company, title, contacts and topic.
  • All the questions are to be asked during break or at the end of the section if the time permits.
  • Anyone is free to take part in the blitz-sessions section, the only condition is to apply in advance.

If you have some piece of informatione to share, submit your application!

Participation terms in Blitz session at DevGamm


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“Adobe Scout – Let’s Add FPS to Mobile Game”

Vlad KulykIndie developer
Email Vlad
Description: Search and deletion of resource-demanding parts of code in the Flash games, that are ported to Android and iOS platforms Vlad Kulyk – co-founder of At the moment he is focused on making mobile HTML5 games. Vlad has taken part in creating numerous gaming projects dealing with Flash technology. Before joining game industry he carried finance in international companies.

“Easier, Faster, Everywhere”

Eugene BoyarinAbsolutist
Email Eugene
Description: Optimization of game content for mobile platforms. Reduction in the graphic resource loading speed and increase in the apps’ capacity. Creation of apps for mobile platforms without previous development experience. Eugene Boyarin, a Sr. Producer at Absolutist, has been working in IT sphere for over 12 years. At the moment he manages the development AppSalute Game Creator, a cross-platform tool for making games. Eugene has significant expertise in project management and optimization of business processes with the further implementation of enterprise management systems.

“Cutting edge technology of payment processing created by the best experts”

Nadejda IvanovaG2S logo
Email Nadejda
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Description: Gate2Shop has introduced a new payment page that provides individual payment page for each end user. The G2S payment page allows it to uniquely identify every user and address him with the preferred language, currency and previously used payment methods. Such payment pages, unique for each user, increase the conversion rate. With this new payment page, salers can extend their presence in the market by reaching users that are looking for alternative options and payment methods. Nadejda Ivanova – Game Business Development Manager for Gate2Shop. I am a keen speech maker and can’t wait to share my knowledge with DevGAMM participants!

“Cloud” translation, or Localization of games with cloud platforms”

Vladimir KupratsevichG2S logo
Email Vladimir
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Description: The report is about optimization of game localization process through use of cloud platforms (online collaborative translation tools). It contains a description of localization, information about translation memory, glossaries and some APIs, tips on how to prepare the game for lozalization and some hidden reefs. Vladimir Kupratsevich carried out and completed more than 1000 translation projects of various complexity and volume.

“Published game on 20 platforms for 1 month! Myth or reality?”

Ekaterina KorkinaG2S logo
Email Ekaterina
Description: In the end the attendees will learn the features of new decision of quick launching the games on different platforms for a short time. They will get to know useful and valuable information about convenient and timesaving opportunity in publishing games all over the world in the gaming industry. Ekaterina Korkina Ekaterina Korkina is a head of partnership department at EVA Studio Company. She presents EVA Studio projects, carries on negotiations with the partners from different countries and gives support in matters of social gaming industry on the Russian speaking market.

“Monetization of game apps”

Galina DivakovaG2S logo
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Description: 1. 3 main ways to monetize game apps. 2. Main ways of handling traffic. 3. Main advertising tools. 4. Banner ads. 5. Interstitials. 6. Offerwall. 7. App wall. 8. Video. 9. Push notifications Galina Divakova recently joined the team Clickky as Project Manager. Her main duty is to develop MadApp, an in-house mobile app promotion agency. Before that, Galina was involved in iOS and Mac apps marketing. She’s got experience in bringing apps to the top positions on App Store ratings. She was also engaged in promoting service programs for iOS and Android.

“Two words on localization”

Fedor Bonch-OsmolovskyG2S logo
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Description: Everyone wants to have his app in the world top ratings, but to make it real, app must be translated to different languages. What easy steps can one take at the development stage to avoid delays in localization, prevent his estimate figures from rising to stratospheric values and ensure the result that would satisfy everyone? Fedor Bonch-Osmolovsky – Managing partner of localization studio Levsha. Studio localized over 50 social and mobile games from Russian and English to European and Asian languages.

“Monetization of casual games”

Roman MilovanovG2S logo
Email Roman
Description: The lecture unravels the possibilities of monetizing games that are made by independent developers and do not have a marketing budget. Roman Milovanov hares the experience of XIMAD company, that has published over 300 titles in 3 years.

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