DevGamm is


  • hours of close communication between representatives of game industry from different countries and specializations
  • perfect balance between high-grade technical and marketing lectures
  • professionals-only conference (there are no student passes available)


The conference is meant for:

  • professional developers
  • publishers
  • indie developers and freelancers
  • artists and animators
  • producers and project managers
  • representatives of game portals
  • potential investors
  • and other game industry professionals!


DevGamm is the most productive event in the game industry.

Main topics:
  lectures and blitz-sessions   game development (ios, android, unity, flash, social, 3d, html5)
  round tables discussions   game design (concepts, level design, experiments)
  business meetings   art and animation (stylistics, special effects, characters, backgrounds)
  game lynch   monetization (monetization methods, in-app purchasing, advertising)
  speed game dating   management (managing development teams, projects, etc.)
  game contest   publishing (social games, mobile games, on-line games)
  after party   and many others…

More information about our events and projects here.

When and where

  December 7-8, 2013 (Saturday-Sunday)   May, 2014 (Thursday)
  Kyiv, Rus Hotel (www.hotelrus.kiev.ua)   Moscow, Digital October (www.digitaloctober.ru)
  800+ participants   800+ participants


Dev GAMM previously Flash GAMM. Was first organized in 2008.

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