Валерия Маллаева

Valeriya Mallayeva
Managing Director
Skype: mallayeva
Cell: +38 050 938 34 54
+31 6 14 62 17 25

Дмитрий Колохин

Dmitriy Kolokhin
Production Manager
Skype: Dima.Kolohin
Cell: +38 067 634 42 15

Екатерина Капустина

Catherine Kapustina
Marketing Manager
Skype: kapust_ka
Cell: +38 067 273 22 37

Екатерина Капустина

Vitaly Khit
Content Director
Skype: va.khit
Cell: +38 067 631 47 26


Алекс Ничипорчик

Alex Nichiporchik
Brand Director, Spil Games

Conference adviser, Game Lynch moderetor

Петр Харитонов

Petr Kharitonov
Managing partner of Mimimi Games

Content moderator, round table organizer.


Renatus Logo Renatus Media, LLC is a leading company-publisher dealing with mobile and social, casual and mid-core games. Now the company’s portfolio consists of more than 30 games and 10 game development studios in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Renatus Media, LLC was founded in 2012. In less than 12 months it gained 10 million active monthly users worldwide and became a leading publisher. The company’s most popular games include Slots Journey, Slotoquest, I Need a Hero, Bubble Origins, Bubble Chronicles, Bubble Journey, Bubble Pirate Quest and other apps.

Renatus is open for cooperation with game developers of all sizes, from established studios to those only making first steps in setting up their business. Being good at game marketing, analytics, monetization and promotion, Renatus is skilled enough to put your game on the straight road to success.

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